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Sophie and the cars
Nixxxe-Shooting with Sophie in Leipzig. To warm up, we started with some hot dessous on an highway-bridge near the new A38 in the east of the city. The bikini-shoot will follow up.

updated on 2008-05-18
(108 pics)

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Mallorca: Palma - the first day
Welcome to Majorca. Maya and Susi will stay for 4 hot days of our nixxxe-photoshooting. But lets start with a shopping tour through Palma, the main capital of the island. This is the great first afternoon we have got since we get here.

updated on 2008-05-14
(92 pics)

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Video: Maya with our red suspender-thong
Video of our photoshooting with Maya in springtime. The complete photo-series is available within our VIP-area. Have fun!

updated on 2008-05-11
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End for today
This is the last series of the day. We are at the Kulkwitzer lake in Leipzig and Netti wears a classic-swimsuit in transparent white. Watch out when it will get wet ... you can see almost everything!

updated on 2008-05-09
(109 pics)

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Maya performing
This is our super-hot suspender-thong and our great model Maya. Do we need any more to get some really hot pictures? ... Blue skies and great weather of course. Here we go!

updated on 2008-05-04
(80 pics)

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Rattling the gate
Netti with our 8-ring-hotpants in white. This is an old gate of an industrial park where we took our photos. There are a lot of abandon grounds in Leipzig.

updated on 2008-04-29
(96 pics)

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