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Video: Dora with our Bandeau-Bikini
Video of our photoshooting with Dora wearing our bandeau-bikini. The complete photo-series is available within our VIP-area. Have fun!

updated on 2008-08-28
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Sophie with the Ultra-Micro IV
Unvisible ... no bikini at all. Sophie is laughing because she is so nervous. You can really see everything. No problem ... we started taking pictures. It is fun to her to provoke ... and we let her.

updated on 2008-08-26
(107 pics)

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Tarja at the gravel plant
What a location. With the idea of our make-up artist Dani, we headed for the city-border of Leipzig to Kleinpösna with Tarja. Great idea. Here are located some small lakes, rocks and gravel ... and big machines. With this model, it would be grat pictures. It is her first time in front of a camera, and this girl is nasty, sassy and erotically. It is time ...

updated on 2008-08-20
(89 pics)

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Mallorca: Sling-Strings at the beach
Susi and Maya at the beach - wearing nothing. These sisters are without any taboo. Must be the weather. They get rid of the strings and the scene is getting hotter every minute. Next to the ocean, what a great action ... these two are hot hot hot!

updated on 2008-08-14
(103 pics)

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Saskia with our Hotpants-Set classic
Saskia at the Agra-Park near Leipzig. What a body! These boobies are great. Saskia wants to start as soon as possble and with this great weather, nothing could go wrong. She has no problems with our small bikinis and even without ... wow! Hot!

updated on 2008-08-10
(102 pics)

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Video: Netti with our Sling-String
Video of our photoshooting with Netti wearing yellow Hotpants and a fantastic yellow Sling-String. The complete photo-series is available within our VIP-area. Have fun!

updated on 2008-08-06
(1 pics)

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