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Little red
Carie with our very, very small Tira-Bikini this time. We are at the Jungers-Lake near Aschersleben. It is a great waterline right behind the autobahn and Carie is a tall, skinny model and likes our small and tight bikinis.

updated on 2009-08-19
(89 pics)

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A little sun ...
Rike is a total beginner. So no wonder she is white like a chalk-wall. But with her good moods and great body, this Micro-Bikini looks very good on her. She is having fun and thats exactly the way it has to be.

updated on 2009-08-15
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Back-open at its best
Esmeralda loves these extreme-outfits like our ISIS-bodyshirt. With an open back and open ass - wow! You should not hide such great ass anyway. But we are not the first one with this thought, are we?

updated on 2009-08-11
(96 pics)

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Micro Games with Susi
A great series of mallorca. Susi-Ann is wearing an ultra-small bikini in yellow. She likes to show her body ... and as always, you will get everything. ;-)) Naughty girl!

updated on 2009-08-07
(102 pics)

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Wave and Gothic convention - Leipzig 2009
We are on tour at the WGT at Leipzig-Markkleeberg. There are so many musicbands and middleage market-standes. You could drink some MET and watch the craftsman as they work. But with our 2 almost-naked models walking by, everything else becomes really uninteresting.

updated on 2009-08-03
(102 pics)

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Maya and the Monorius
This topless string matches perfectly with Mayas big boobs. We are on some rough rocks at the beach of mallorca as she bewitching us with her hot bikini-show.

updated on 2009-07-30
(106 pics)

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