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Susi and Maya at Mallorca
Susi with our Lia-Slingbody. She likes that crazy stuff and she is a really naughty girl. Just for you ... watch out!

updated on 2009-12-12
(106 pics)

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Jamila with our Vega-Monokini
This is our second series with Jamila, our new model from Berlin. She is a tall, beautiful girl with a dreambody. Great looking with our bikinis, so we gave her the Vega-monokini. Have fun!

updated on 2009-12-08
(74 pics)

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Susi and Maya at Mallorca
Hot sun, 2 girls going to extremes: they want to show more as always. So wearing just some string-strings is a good start. And we could tell, now it will become really hot!

updated on 2009-12-04
(1 pics)

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Evening-hours with Esmeralda
We are at a gravel pit near Dresden with our model Esmeralda. That sweet girl is wearing a Setty-bikini in blue. There is almost no way to get it smaller and in fact it is good for, so she does not have to take off that much...

updated on 2009-11-30
(32 pics)

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Venus in blue-metallic
M-joy is wearing a blue-metallic venus-swimsuit of our collection. It looks great and even better after washing like jeans. She likes it although she has to take it off ... for our photos.

updated on 2009-11-25
(93 pics)

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Afraid of light!
Rike do not like the sunlight this much ... but this is neccessary for some good photos. This girl has a dream-body, hot curves and is wearing one of ous smallest parts: the Chadira. So take some sunglasses and let us start!

updated on 2009-11-20
(107 pics)

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