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Blue at the wheat fields
Chantal is a sweet model ... no professional but willing to learn. She is laughing the whole time as the camera clicks in front of her. The Tira bikini is way to small and slides into every slit. So we asked Chantal to get rid of it.

updated on 2011-01-25
(69 pics)

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At the oil barrels
We are taking some hot pics at an old oil barrel that we found behind the factory hall. Kathi is wearing a Cariba bikini ... a very tight one. Good show! But now let us start to undress her...

updated on 2011-01-20
(90 pics)

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A silent boat
A new day - a new shooting. We are at a lake near Wüsteneutzsch in the middle of Saxonia. Our model Lilly lives near by. She is a 19 years old student and works as a model within her freetime. So lets start with a dark-blue Vega bikini. Our first motive is a small boat at the shore of the lake.

updated on 2011-01-15
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Wet is best
Right into the ice-cold water with Rike. What a fun. Her skirt is transparent within a second and the color starts to detach from her smooth body. A wild entertainment.

updated on 2011-01-10
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Golden Girl
Vanessa is a dreamgirl with a hot body. She is wearing a golden-yellow swimsuit of our shop. We used some oil and water to get this hot motive. Wetlook at its best! And Vanessa is the perfect bikini model!

updated on 2011-01-05
(107 pics)

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Mallorca: Susi and Maya at the shooting
First, Susi is showing the really small Noupy-String and her naughtiness while Maya is entering the scene with the Monorius-String. Theses two girls are hot as chilli. But have a look yourself ... film, camera, action!

updated on 2010-12-31
(1 pics)

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