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Blue bikini - blue sky
Super sexy - our Babette in front of the old locomotives. Each image is real stunning. She is just the perfect bikini model and it is so much fun working with her. The sky is blue, the bikini is tiny, and after a couple of pictures Babette begins to strip anyway. She can not help it. A dreamgirl!

updated on 2012-03-07
(103 pics)

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No tighter way!
Vanessa in a transparent Nixxxe swimsuit. Far too small. But that does not matter! For the photos, it is ideal. Vanessa looks a bit tortured ... at the beginning of the series but then she takes off the last part ... ahhhh ...

updated on 2012-03-02
(107 pics)

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Tanata - fresh shaved
A new day with our sweet Tanata. Today we start with a sharp blade to trim her intimate bush. First some foam ... and the first hair is gone. That is a cool shooting!

updated on 2012-02-26
(104 pics)

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A new model
Look how good the customers of our bikini shop could look like. Shera from Görlitz has called us and asked if she could work in front of our camera sometimes. Of course! We would like to start as soon as possible, so we made an appointment for the same weekend. Here are the first test pictures of Shera.

updated on 2012-02-21
(47 pics)

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Pink in october
It is the middle of October. We are at the Cospudener Lake with Nicole and enjoy the 14 degree temperature outside. Nicole in a pink bikini that does not keep very warm. Nevertheless, she looks sexy and has good spirits. The weather makes a nice firm skin. Nicole can not get enough ...

updated on 2012-02-16
(79 pics)

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Show it all
Any is a cool model. Naughty, funny and very busy in front of the camera. Now wearing a bathing suit, that (as always with big girls) tweaks everywhere. So it is a really nasty thing! But very, very sexy! Watch out how small a swimsuit could be ...

updated on 2012-02-11
(93 pics)

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