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Sand, bikinis and Shera
Beautiful sand hills and a great model. Shera wears a disco-spirit swimsuit and looks damn hot in it. Like a FATA Morgana. She is very sexy... with her fantastic body and with her tight pure ass she is also an ideal model for our small parts. Have fun with this view!

updated on 2012-10-03
(118 pics)

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Ice-cold Bikini Babette
An icy wind whistles through Babettes hair. But a bikini model knows no pain! Babette presents our small Bonita bikini... at 5 degrees. She is a hero! With big tits... and a fresh ass!

updated on 2012-09-27
(98 pics)

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Tanata with the Trixi bikini
Tanatas within a filmset, in the woods near Moscow. Very horny location... very horny model. Pleased with the nice weather and she shows it. The Bikini disappears very, very quickly and her youthful, sexy body come to light. Great! Horny!

updated on 2012-09-21
(99 pics)

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First meeting
Anastasia has never stood in front of a camera. But as she has discovered our hot bikinis on the Web, she decided spontaneously to send an application email. Now ther she is: she stands in front of us in a tiny bikini and smiles. We start with a new model from the 2012er collection: fluffy. Extremely scarce in the step. Anastasia is already very red on her cheeks ... how sweet!

updated on 2012-09-15
(95 pics)

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Tina with the Fibi-Bikini
This is Tina. She is a huge fan of our small, hot bikinis. Today her dream comes true: a sexy photo shoot in our bikinis of Nixxxe. We are near Kleinpösna at our favorite Lake in Leipzig and the Sun laughs. Tina wears the Fibi bikini, which... only consists of soft straps and really shows anything. Just right! Tina shows their piercing sparkling in the Sun. Hot!

updated on 2012-09-09
(103 pics)

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First Bikini Strike!
Shera goes nude for the first time. This is the plan for our shooting. And with the first series she must show whether she is serious about it. She can not hide anything with our small Bonita bikini. And especially the panties is a very generous cut. Shera is doing everything! And here are the pictures! For the first time completely naked and freshly shaved: Shera!

updated on 2012-09-04
(116 pics)

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